classical + contemporary ballet training

early childhood music + movement ages 3+
musical theater + acting +voice + repertoire
yoga + nia + Pilates + adult Dance


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2016-2017 class schedule and level-based programs

Arts Ballet Academy Students Proposed Schedule 2015-2016Registration for 2016-2017


Placement Appointments: please call for a placement appointment. We are happy to meet you at a time that is convenient for you. If you would like to take Jazz/Tap, Musical Theater, or Acting, please register online or in person for the classes that best suit your interests and skills. We are happy to talk to you about our programs if you have any questions!
New Students Ages 3-7
should register by Age and the Number of Classes per Week they wish to take. There are many options. Please contact us for an explanation of our programs, what kind of performance opportunities students have, and how they weave together.
Returning Students may register online or in person. Placement emails have been sent, If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Emily.

2016-2017 calendar

Arts Ballet Academy Students Proposed Schedule 2015-20162016-2017 important dates, performances, & calendar overview - classical ballet program

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early childhood: Movement and music for ages 0-7

Arts Ballet Academy Students will present The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in April 2012Classes Include:
Preschool Storybook Ballet (3-4 years)
Preschool Jazz, Tap, & Acting (3-5 years)
Pre-Ballet A (5-6 years)
Pre-Ballet B (6-7 years)
Musical Theater 1 (6-10 years)

Right: Pre-Ballet B dancers as "Emerald City Ladies" in Arts Ballet Story Theater's 2012 Production of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Children's Ballet"


classical ballet division: level-based ballet & modern training

The Classical & Contemporary Ballet Program
Primary Division Levels 1-2
Pre-Professional Division Levels 3-6

The Classical & Contemporary Ballet Program
begins with students (ages 7+) who are ready for serious ballet training. The level-based ballet syllabus uses primarily Vagonova technique and incorporates elements from the dance theory and techniques of master teacher Finis Jhung, the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.), and a continuance of the our teaching philosophy. Students practice classical ballet technique, learn to use their body correctly through awareness of kinetics, coordination, anatomy, and proper body alignment, and strive to become well-trained, artistic, musical, and adaptable dancers. Dancers are always encouraged to find joy and expression in their art and share that gift with others.

Contemporary, modern, and lyrical technique classes, skills classes, pre-pointe/pointe, dance conditioning, and choreography are extensions to the ballet program for these dedicated dancers.